Sheet-iron shears feeder

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For this project the goal was to modernize a sheet-irion shears machine with a measurement system based on step motors.

  • Change feed back and forth by controlling two stepper motors
  • Measure the distance to a calibrated zero point for accurate cutting
  • Display to show the distance
  • Controls to move the feeder
  • Calibration mode to re-calibrate the machine to mechanical zero


The feeder is moved back and forth by two big threaded rods and two stepper motors. The stepper motors are controlled by a custom made PCB.

The custom PCB was made with Diptrace and features two motor drivers, power supply, decoupling and also a STM32-discovery board. All electronics is then placed in a sturdy and closed metal box, so it can withstand the harsh conditions in a mechanics shop.

Sheet-iron shears machine

Box with motor controller and power supply inside

Left PCB is the motor controller PCB with the drivers on the backside, attached to a large heatsink. Right is the microcontroller board. Bottom is the large power supply.

One of the two motors connected to the mechanics and threaded rod. The white part is for driving slip regulation.


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