Highly Efficient Checklists for Electrical Engineers.

Murphymeter is a collaborative tool to create effective checklists, and beat Murphy's law every time.

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What you can do with Murphymeter

PCB Design checklists

Hierarchical and function based structure makes writing checklists easy.

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Change management

Automatically mark items and tests based on what and when something changed.

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Testing and documentation

Use markdown to add formatting and pictures to your test instructions.

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Knowledge transfer

Document invaluable practical knowledge in the form of check items.

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Collaborate and share public projects

Share your checklists with your team and set different permission levels. Have a look at our public projects and witness the power of function based hierarchical checklists first-hand.

Create and maintain checklists with ease

With Murphymeter you create and maintain individual check items. Then you pull the individual checks into full-blown checklists via tags. This means you can reuse the check items for any other project with similar functional parts (e.g. power supply, microcontroller, etc.)

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Checklists that adapt to your workflow

Take any check item and pull it into a checklist via tags. Your workflow changes - no problem. Simply pull in different tags and your checklist will adapt.

Create a high quality checklist in seconds

Start by creating an account - it's free! Then choose from the various public checks and copy it into your project. Put together a top-notch checklist that perfectly fits your project.

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